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Webinars Diabetes

Experts from all over the world discussed hot topics in Diabetes. The webinar was broadcasted in English and Russian language. It was interactive and free of charge. Participants had the oppurtunity to ask questions to the experts and to receive answers during the interactive session.

Webinars on demand

  • Diabetes Recording of the Live Webinar on 04th Jul 2019

    Type II diabetes in two scopes of treatment.

    • Prof. A. Ceriello (Italy): Metformin in Type II Diabetes: choice with benefits
    • Prof. E. Standl (Germany): Role of DPP4 inhibitors in Type II Diabetes treatment
    • Q&A interactive session
  • Diabetes Recording of the Live Webinar on 09th Jul 2020

    Diabetes & Pain | Session 1: Diabetes

    Diabetes Mellitus from science to clinical practice

    • Prof. A. Ceriello (Italy)
      Head of Diabetes Research Department, IRCCS MultiMedica, Milan
      The role of metformin in the new paradigm of diabetes management.
    • Prof. E. Standl (Germany)
      Professor, Endocrinologist, Honorary Doctor, FESC. Munich Diabetes Research Group e.V. Helmholtz Center
      Update on CompoSIT and other recent sitagliptin studies
    • Prof. G. Sesti (Italy)
      Full Professor of Internal Medicine
      Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome
      Chief, Division of Internal Medicine
      University Hospital Sant’Andrea

      New on IGT diagnosis and management
    • Q&A interactive session