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Webinars Urology

Experts from all over the world discuss hot topics in Urology. The webinar is broadcasted in English and Russian language. It is interactive and free of charge. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions to the experts and to receive answers during the interactive session.

Webinars On Demand

  • Urology Recording of the Live Webinar on 04th Nov 2020

    Urinary Flow and male LUTS/BPH

    • Diagnosing male LUTS/BPH – Symptoms, diagnosis and measurement tools
      Prof. H. Hashim (United Kingdom)
      Consultant Urological Surgeon & Honorary Professor of Urology
      Director of the Urodynamics Unit, Bristol Urological Institute
    • Conservative and pharmacological treatment options for male LUTS/BPH with focus on the flow
      Prof. C. Gratzke (Germany)
      Professor and Chairman Department of Urology University Hospital Freiburg
    • Urinary flow and Serenoa Repens (results from a long term study)
      Prof. A. Vinarov (Russia)
      Professor of Urology at Sechenov University, Institute for Urology and Human Reproductive Health, Moscow
    • Q&A – Interactive session
  • Urology Recording of the Live Webinar on 04th Jul 2019

    BPH and the treatment of related symptoms.

    • Prof. C. Gratzke (Germany): BPH symptoms and their medical treatment described in the EAU guidelines
    • Prof. A. Vinarov (Russia): Serenoa Repens – a treatment option for BPH symptoms
    • Q&A interactive session