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Experts from all over the world discuss hot topics in various therapeutic areas. The webinars are broadcasted in English and Russian language. They are interactive and free of charge. Participants can ask questions to the experts and receive answers during the interactive session.

  • Urology 29th Jul 2021 | 1:00 - 2:00 pm CEST
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    Inflammatory Processes in the Prostate

    • Prof. Mauro Gacci (Italia)
      Medical Director at the University Hospital Careggi (AOUC), Florence, Italia
      Inflammatory processes in the prostate
      How does inflammation come into the prostate? Who is mostly affected by this inflammation? How to diagnose chronic prostatitis?
    • Prof. Leonid Spivak (Russia)
      Institute of Urology and Reproductive Health, Sechenov University, Moscow (RU)
      BPE and treatment
      Is there a link between Inflammation and BPE? How to treat the BPE where inflammatory processes play a role? Is there clinical evidence?
    • Prof. Yacov Reisman (Netherlands)
      Urologist and Sexologist at Flare-Health, Netherlands
      The impact of BPH and/or prostate inflammation on sexual life and its treatment
      How is the sexual life affected by prostate enlargement and/or inflammatory processes? And what can be done to relieve these problems?
    • Q&A interactive session